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DAYDREAM – Italian Videoart selection
from 10th of July to 2nd of August 2018
Curator : Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Platform – Alessandra Arnò
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Artists: Enrico Bressan (Italia) – Lucia Veronesi (Italia) – Barbara Brugola (Italia) – Luca Christian Mander (Italia) – Alessandra Caccia (Italia) – Albert Merino (Spagna) – Armida Gandini (Italia) – Yuri Pirondi (Italia) + Ines von Bonhorst (Portogallo)

“It is necessary to take a step back and questioning on the ancient need to see “over” the reality. It is not a matter of seeing an “other” generated reality, as in the case of virtual reality and similar simulation scenarios, but to be allowed to engage in another possibility of real vision where the imaginary and the audiovisual media alter the data imprint – and give it back an imaginary impression, or a thought that manifests itself as an eye-catching interference.
So this is one of the characteristics of experimental audiovisual language that is often in-depth and gives the opportunity to see and experiment with open-minded eyes – and without the mediation of vision apparatus – another version of reality without necessarily isolating it.

Obviously, the potentialities of virtual simulation and virtuality meet this ancient affection towards the fascination of vision in a more fulfilling manner at the sensorial and experiential level, but the visual suggestions of audiovisual experiments investigating the real and unreal relationship between video language are my opinion much more refined and interesting at the intellectual and imaginative level.”
Alessandra Arnò

DAYDREAM Video selection :
Enrico Bressan (Italia) – Exercise#49 – 2010, 3’25
Lucia Veronesi (Italia) – Fuori, una gran notte di stelle – 2016, 4’00
Barbara Brugola (Italia) – Lapse of View – 2012, 3’15
Luca Christian Mander (Italia) – Eppursimuove – 2009, 03’40
Alessandra Caccia (Italia) – Dreammachine – 2015, 05’16
Albert Merino (Spagna) – The trace of salt – 2010, 07’40
Armida Gandini (Italia) – Muovo sonnambula al mondo – 2012, 2’00
Yuri Pirondi (Italia) + Ines von Bonhorst (Portogallo) – Void Shades – 2012, 10’00

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