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Camouflage is a project by VEGAPUNK and Marisol Malatesta (Spazio TILDE ), Alessandra Arnò (VISUALCONTAINER) and Simona Da Pozzo (VEGAPUNK – EX Voto)
realized in collaboration with Non Riservato, Ex-Voto, VisualContainer, Viafarini, Art University Bournemouth.
only on VisualcontainerTV
from 6th December to 9th January 2019


VisualcontainerTV welcome the new program dedicated to Academic video art production.
Academy is the ever-new program focused on student’s experimental video production from New media Academy from all over the world.

The fourth online exhibition is dedicated to Camouflage project (UK/IT), in cooperation with the Art University Bournemouth (AUB) and selected students of the academy of fine art based in Italy.
The students selected by open call explore the concept and meaning of camouflage in almost every sense of the word, presenting video art as a device that manipulates and disguises reality.


Artists: Oscar Lockey // Kirsten Lynch // Lizzie Smith // Riccardo Bertoia //Jérôme De Vienne // Valentina Parati // Antonio Mastrogiacomo // Po Alamaa // Ezgi Kaya // Shon Kim


Video Selection:

Oscar Lockey // Transfer, filmed direct to VHS and converted to mp4, 11′, Bournemouth 2018
Kirsten Lynch // Desaturation, mp4, 1’26”, Bournemouth 2018
Lizzie Smith // On hold, 59′( looped), Bournemouth 2018
Riccardo Bertoia // Ipogeo, video HD, colour, stereo sound, 2’ 32’’, Milan 2018
Jérôme De Vienne // Could you do that again, please? single OR double channel video, stereo, 6’20”, Paris 2016
Valentina Parati // We’re going to the club alone / ACT 1, HD, H.264 sound, 2’46”, Milan 2018
Antonio Mastrogiacomo // Rairio, audiovideo low-fi, 7’36’’, sound footage, Naples 2016
Po Alamaa // Strange Encounters,1 920×1080, 2’28”, colour, stereo, Milan 2018
Ezgi Kaya // Shopping, 16:9, colour, Mono, duration 5’54”, Milan 2018
Shon Kim // Dance, 1080p, 4:3, Color, Stereo, 7’31”, S. Korea/ USA 2018


Camouflage is a project by:
Marisol Malatesta (TILDE), Alessandra Arnò (VISUALCONTAINER) and Simona Da Pozzo (VEGAPUNK)
realized in collaboration with Vegapunk and Ex-voto, Visualcontainer Videoart Platform, Spazio Tilde, VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Non Riservato and Arts University Bournemouth.


Art University Bournemouth (UK)



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