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Iginio De Luca Monography

Italian multimedia artistfrom the 3rd of February to the 11th of March 2020 VisualcontainerTV is glad to present one of the most original and ironic Italian artist, Iginio De Luca. Iginio De Luca is born in Formia (LT) Italy, on August 21, 1966, graduated in Painting in 1989 at the Academy of Fine Arts in […]


from the 12th of June to the 23rd of July 2019Only on VisualcontainerTV A través de las diferentes obras se desarrolla una preocupación por la recreación de atmósferas pudiendo llegar a ser obsesivas y herméticas. A través de ellas se manifiestan la sorpresa en lo cotidiano, el juego del lenguaje o las constantes interferencias entre […]

Sylvia Toy St. Louis Monography

Sylvia Toy St. Louis Monography Multimedia Artist From 3rd of August 30th of September 2018 VisualcontainerTV is proud to present one of the most interesting performer/multimedia artist from the United States. This is a selected bouquet about the latest 4 year production. Visualcontainer is happy to share the experimental performative research of Sylvia, as moment […]


JACQUES LEJEUNE MONOGRAPH Special selection made for VisualcontainerTV From 22th March to 20th April 2017 only on VisualcontainerTV VisualcontainerTV is honoured to present the monograph of Jacques Lejeune on SpecialOne Section. We are glad to show some art pieces of experimental audiovisual art realized by the master during these years. An interesting and important occasion […]

PASI AUTIO Monography (Finland)

PASI AUTIO (Finland) Monography From 14 April to 17 May 2016 only on VisualcontainerTV   VisualcontainerTV in cooperation with MUU Gallery / Artists’ Association MUU – Helsinki, are glad to present a special monography about 8 selected works from 2009 to 2012. Pasi Autio utilizes photography, moving image and sound. His latest works deal […]

EVA KOCH Monography

EVA KOCH (Denmark) Monography 11 Selected works 1997-2010 From 24 April to 28 May 2014 only on VisualcontainerTV VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special selection of 11 Selected works from 1997 to 2010. Eva Koch’s work is highly varied, from the clearly defined, concrete sculptural element to the immaterial seduction of the video […]


ANTONELLO NOVELLINO Monography (IT/ES) Director, Artist from 10 October to 6 November 2013 only on VisualcontainerTV VisualcontainerTV is glad to present on SpecialOne Format the anthological selection of video works of Antonello Novellino director and visual artist. Award-winning and much loved by critics and experts, Antonello Novellino, is a young Italian director based in […]

L E M A T R I C E (Fr- Usa)

L E M A T R I C E (Fr- Usa) 1st May – 4th June 2009 Curator: Visualcontainer VisualContainerTv welcomes Le Matrice in the new monographic section “Special One” of the channel! Le Matrice is a French/American group working in audio video works with a special dedication to live performances. In this show Le […]

Claudio Sinatti, Italy

Claudio Sinatti Monography Multimedia Artist from Italy Interview + Mono 4th June – 4th July 2009 Monography Elevation A shaved Mint Solo Per mille giraffe Carillon Radioland Symbiosis Orchestra About Claudio Sinatti Director, multimedia artist. Started as a graphic and graffiti artist in the early 90s, before moving to film and video. He started directing […]


PHILIPP GEIST Multimedia artist from Germany Special One selection Monography from 30 july to 15 september 2009 Visualcontainer is glad to presents monography of Philipp Geist, multimedia and live video performer, on august till september. This exhibition is a overview about Geist works: live performance, multimedia installation, festival, etc.. PHILIPP GEIST A self-taught artist based […]


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