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29th Les Instants Video Marseille

29th Les Instant Vidéo Festival International Videoart Festival Marseille, France Curated by MARC MERCIER November 11th to december 4th only on VisualcontainerTV Artists: Róża Duda (Pologne)/ Draga Jovanovic (Serbie/Canada) / Valerie LeBlanc (Canada) / Chuang Yu-Ju (Taïwan)/ Dagmar Schürrer (Autriche/Allemagne) / Egle Vismante (Lituanie/France)/ konstantinos-antonios goutos / theFlâneu® (Grèce)/ Quelven (France)/ Ivetta Kang, Kevin Park, […]

MAGIC MIRROR, Videoart event, Oradea Romania

MAGIC MIRROR Video art event – VII-th edition Oradea, Romania Curator and Associate Professor Dr. Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilaș from 13rd October to 10th November 2016 Visualcontainer is proud to present the last videoart event that has taken place at Oradea Fortress on May 2016. This is the best of of Magic Mirror directly from […]

Borders and boundaries: An anthology of Portuguese contemporary video art & experimental cinema.

Borders and boundaries: An anthology of Portuguese contemporary video art & experimental cinema. Curated by Paulo Botelho Menezes (Oblíqua / Videoarte & Cinema Experimental) From 2nd August to 14th September 2016   VisualcontainerTV is proud to present the first Portuguese videoart selection curated by Paulo Botelho Menezes independent videoart curator and director of Oblìqua Festival […]

Hypnotic.Frames Videoart Selection from Oradea, Romania

Project Curated by Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilas International Videoart Event from Oradea, Romania 9 june – 6 july 2016   in collaboration with: University of Oradea – Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Oradea, (Romania) Visual Container, Milano (Italia) Conflux Oradea (Romania) The Museum of Muzeul Ţării Crişurilor, Oradea (Romania)   Artists: […]

OODAAQ Festival – Rennes France

  OODAAQ FESTIVAL, Rennes, Nantes, St. Malo From 18 of May to 5 of June 2016 only on VisualcontainerTV   VisualcontainerTV is proud to  present 4 programs  simultaneously with the  OODAAQ openings in Rennes, Nantes and St. Malo only during the Festivals dates. Don’t miss it and stay tuned!   L’Œil d’Oodaaq is a […]

PASI AUTIO Monography (Finland)

PASI AUTIO (Finland) Monography From 14 April to 17 May 2016 only on VisualcontainerTV   VisualcontainerTV in cooperation with MUU Gallery / Artists’ Association MUU – Helsinki, are glad to present a special monography about 8 selected works from 2009 to 2012. Pasi Autio utilizes photography, moving image and sound. His latest works deal […]

VIDEO ART IN QUÉBEC, Vidéographe, Montréal

    VIDEO ART IN QUÉBEC A project by Vidéographe, Montréal – Québec Curators: Karine Boulanger and Audrey Brouxel 17 March – 13 April 2016 Artists:Nathalie Bujold, Nayla Dabaji, Chantal duPont, Pierre Hébert and René Lussier, Véronique La Perrière M., Rick Raxlen, Andrée-Anne Roussel, Guillaume Vallée and Steven Woloshen.   VIDEO ART IN QUÉBEC Vidéographe is pleased […]

Suspended territories and other Italian stories

Suspended territories and other Italian stories Italian videoart selection curated by Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Platform 18 February – 16 March 2016 On occasion of the 7th anniversary of VisualcontainerTV we are proud to present a special Italian videoart selection about the most interesting artists: Barbara Brugola & Trond Arne Vangen, Rita Casdia, Natalia Saurin, Marta […]


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