PASI AUTIO Monography (Finland)

Pasi Autio
PASI AUTIO (Finland)

From 14 April to 17 May 2016
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VisualcontainerTV in cooperation with MUU Gallery / Artists’ Association MUU – Helsinki, are glad to present a special monography about 8 selected works from 2009 to 2012.
Pasi Autio utilizes photography, moving image and sound. His latest works deal with the interaction between the human mind and the environment.


Pasi Autio (b. 1974, Vaasa, Finland) lives and works in Helsinki. He utilizes photography, moving image and sound. His latest works deal with the interaction between the human mind and the environment; he focuses on seemingly simple, but complex things, such as taking a step. Autio graduated with a BA in Photography from the Lahti Polytechnic Institute of Design in 2000. In 2007 he completed obtained his MA in Photography from Aalto University. Since the year 2000 he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and the USA.


List of the works

An Unusual Step
Duration: 7 min 40 s
16:9 HD video on blu-ray
stereo sound
Languages: Finnish (Vieras askel), English (An Unusual Step).


Duration: 7 min 30 s
16:9 HD video
Stereo sound


Soft Heavenly Body
Duration: 2 min 36 s
16:9 HD video


I Walk Alone In The Dark On My Own Familiar Island
Duration: loop (1´30 min)
Stop motion
16:9 HD video
mono sound


Duration: loop / 5 min
4:3 Dvd
stereo sound
Music: Jakob Norgren, music is composed only for the Musicbox


Duration: loop / 2 min 24 s
16:9, DVCPRO HD, presentation format dvd
Stereo sound


Duration: loop / 3 min 36 s
16:9 HDV, presentation format dvd
stereo sound


Kyllä hmm ei hmm
Duration: loop (9 min)
HD 16:9, presented with projection
mono sound

MUU is an artist run, Finnish interdisciplinary artist association, founded in 1987 to represent and promote new and experimental forms of art. These are such as media art, performance, video, environmental, space and conceptual art, sound and other experimental modes of cultural production.
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