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Camouflage is a project by VEGAPUNK and Marisol Malatesta (Spazio TILDE ), Alessandra Arnò (VISUALCONTAINER) and Simona Da Pozzo (VEGAPUNK – EX Voto) realized in collaboration with Non Riservato, Ex-Voto, VisualContainer, Viafarini, Art University Bournemouth. only on VisualcontainerTV from 6th December to 23rd of January 2019 VisualcontainerTV welcome the new program dedicated to Academic video […]

HearteartH 2015

HearteartH 2015 International Videoart Project from Berlin Curated by Sonia Armaniaco and Maria Korporal From 15th September to 12th October 2016 VisualcontainerTV is proud to present the first entirely videoart project: HearteartH 2015 – only on Exhibitcontainer format – the place of the best contemporary videoart screening from all over the world. Statement: HearteartH is […]


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