International Videoart Web Channel since 2009

VisualContainerTv is the screen to the contemporary videoart world in real-time and available to all enthusiast and professional audiences, online 24/7 with special monthly exhibitions.

The webTV is entirely devoted to the international videoart world and welcoming videoart projects and festivals under the care of curators and festival directors, interview and monograph programs on invitation only.

It’s an easy way of keeping updated on the videoart world and take your time following your favorite festivals and videoart projects from all over the world. It’s a big cultural project made for videoart lovers, students, curators and all audiences, a place where to find the best videoart selection for free and for cultural purposes only.

VisualcontainerTV has presented about 45 “best of” from festivals and videoart projects, 13 monographs and interviews since 2009.

VisualcontainerTV is and independent webtv project by Alessandra Arnò /Visualcontainer,  in collaboration with private partners.


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