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Underneath the Floorboards Festival (UK)

Founder / Director: Pablo Robertson de Unamuno
from the 1st of October to the 11th of November
only on VisualcontainerTV

VisualcontainerTv welcomes Underneath the Floorboards Festival, shown for the first time to the platform through mix work from the UK and international visual artists from around the world. The festival is focused on presenting work from artists who express themselves in an experimental, innovative, and non-linear manner.

Artists: Pablo Robertson de Unamuno / Federica Foglia / Katie Colosimo/ Can Ozmen & Meltem Gürlevik / Sara N. Santos / Laura Lancu / Alex Beriault / Mike Rollo / Mivan Makia / Florence Weyne Robert / Anna Malin Mantzaris / Good John / John Barlow / Selda Y. Naumann / Jack Edmonds / Mark C. Hewitt / Matt Parsons / Kerry Baldry / Matt Hodges.

Video selection:

Talus / Pablo Robertson de Unamuno
The filmmaker documents his road trip to the continent with his partner via a stream of consciousness.

Originate/ Recompile / Federica Foglia
A film based around the “La Taranta,” a dance said to cure woman who suffered from the tarantula spider bite by dancing the poison out of their system. Studies around this phenomenon have highlighted that, in the majority of cases, these women were suffering from severe mental illnesses, hysteria, poverty and sexual abuse.

Realize your dreams / Katie Colosimo
Realize your Dreams – A personal and political retrospection of traditional Midwest American values.

Weltschmerz / Can Ozmen & Meltem Gürlevik
I am between two cities, one knows nothing of me, the other knows me no longer. – Jean Paul Sartre

Just like the Films / Sara N. Santos
A cinematic character fills the void left by the death of a loved one. The author’s grandfather becomes a ‘mysterious image’ that she tries to build through the collage of film noir pieces.

Feeder / Laura Lancu
Feeder – A girl comes home to her cat.

Sometimes a little sin is good for the soul / Alex Beriault
Interior Structures, shapes and colours form together the unusual spaces within which three women are suspended.

Eidolon / Mike Rollo
Bright and dark take turns showing their faces, a two-sided phantasm, one energy shape-shifting through time. The seer makes note, gleans eidolons.

A place of others, anothers, further more / Mivan Makia
A purposeful manipulation of memories in a heterotypic universe. It evokes the nostalgia of memories, but also the romanticization of what could’ve been. 

Next Stop / Florence Weyne Robert
A film about a changing neighbourhood which is slowly dying told through stories by some of the old people who still inhabit the area.

Enough / Anna Malin Mantzaris
This film centres around impulses we all can feel but never act upon. Showing glimpses of emotional anarchy and moments of lost self-control. 

August / Good John
A mind on the outs with itself; stripped of delusion and distraction, abandoned by faith and confronted with thwarted dreams.

After Pathos / John Barlow
8mm shots of a Greek island are juxtaposed with found footage clips of Tokyo in a 60 second piece reflecting on travel, time and (imperfect) memory.

Rumours / Selda Y. Naumann
There will always be rumours and especially as a woman you will be faced with them and fight against them. But when you realize that rumours only spread by insecure people and accepted by idiots, it won’t hurt anymore and you will be true to yourself…

Still Life / Jack Edmonds
‘Is a chair still a chair if no one sits in it?
The film explores the ontology of objects and inhabited spaces, our impact on them and the impact of time respectively.

Apprenticeship / Mark C. Hewitt / Matt Parsons
Is one of a collection of stylistically coherent micro-videos, each voiced by a different performer, related to a sequence small box-like poems with the overarching title, Les Coffrets.

Boot / Kerry Baldry
“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – 1984 George Orwell

In the middle of the fountain / Matt Hodges
A poetic film about failure shot during deep topographical ramblings around East London’s edgelands. 

Underneath the Floorboards is a platform that showcases videoart, visual arts, experimental film and documentary along with animation work. We mix work from UK and international visual artists from around the world. We focus on presenting work from artists who express themselves in an experimental, innovative and non-linear manner. We show a wide range of work from people from different ethnic, class, gender and sexual orientated backgrounds who cover a wide range of subjects.
Our goal is showcase novel inventive contemporary, avant-garde work that creates a new and innovative language which transcends the realms of linear visual expression.

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